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Professor brings hope to the Pope

10 December, 2020 — By John Gulliver

Prof Mariana Mazzucato and Pope Francis. Photos: Simon Fraser University_Comms & Marketing/Jeffrey Bruno from New York City, United States

THE leading economist Professor Mariana Mazzucato, appointed by Camden leader Georgia Gould to lead a Commission in Camden, appears to have a hot line to Pope Francis.

In a new encyclical letter the Pope writes that Mazzucato’s book on economics, The Value of Everything, made him reflect on the need to reprioritise “value” over “price”. In other words, says the Pope, “taking” wealth is not the same as “making” wealth.

All this chimes in with Professor Mazzucato’s core beliefs.

In recent weeks she has praised the large investment in public health made by small entities such as Kerala, the state in India, and Vietnam which constrained the spread of Covid-19.

If governments can intervene in investment, can local authorities? Is Professor Mazzucato suggesting that Camden does more than it does. Would it mean amending or abandoning its present economic policies?


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