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Promise of an investigation has not been kept

30 July, 2020

Chalcots estate: Who in the council signed off PFI regeneration project?

• YOUR report (Chalcots was model for work on Grenfell, July 23) timely revives an issue that Camden Council is no doubt desperately hoping to continue to bury – the promise, made over three years ago, of a “transparent, open and independent” investigation of the bungled PFI regeneration project.

Who in the council signed off the project as a whole?

Not just the cladding, but the well-documented, very unsafe, fire safety work which led to the fire brigade threat to legally force the evacuation back in June 2017.

Why has there been such a long delay? This suggests an attempted cover-up.

What the report does, seemingly, indicate, however, is that council leader Georgia Gould’s decision to order the evacuation was more than justified. However her promise at the time of an independent investigation has not been kept.

The total cost of the Chalcots PFI fiasco is, reportedly, some £215million. Perhaps Cllr Gould can enlighten us on this issue of her promised investigation and give a timetable for its completion.

Alas as we have seen from recent readers’ letters and articles, questions related to the current parlous state of the Community Investment Programme remain unanswered by Cllr Danny Beales, as do those on the missing £10million to the council’s coffers by the cabinet member for finance, Cllr Richard Olszewski.

The growing secrecy of the council cabinet will no doubt continue.



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