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Proposal for a mobil phone base station is unclear

09 August, 2019

• TWO years ago there was a controversial planning application to install a mobile phone base station at Age UK’s Henderson Court in Hampstead which actuated a strong reaction from residents.

A letter arrived at my home on August 1 this year stating that a base station is proposed by Cornerstone and Telefónica Ltd at Carnegie House, Grove Place, Swiss Cottage, Hampstead, NW3 1JS.

Carnegie House, Grove Place, is not in Swiss Cottage. There is no clarity as to where exactly this proposed base station is to be installed or what size it will be.

The UK government received £22.6billion from selling the third generation licences in 2000 and total mobile phone-related tax revenue now exceeds £20billion per year. Neither government nor industry wants to restrict the use of phones or the location of the base stations.

I wonder what would happen if I were to apply for a planning application for a mobile phone mast to be installed on top of the home of the Camden Council cabinet member for finance and technology. Would he/she be very happy?

One of “The Ten Commitments” (how to lease your land for a mobile phone tower) states that “operators must ensure that masts are sensitively placed, and must consult the public community groups, schools and parish councils as well as local planning authorities about proposed mobile base station sites – any one of whom could object”.

Now that’s a bit difficult because all the schools have broken up for summer holidays. This is like a repeat of the application that was proposed at Henderson Court in 2017. Same company, similar timing, August when the schools are closed and many residents away.

There are three primary schools and one activity nursery in the vicinity of the zone where the base station is proposed; New End Primary, Heathside Primary, Christchurch Primary and The Activity Nursery.

This is too much of a coincidence that the letter was sent out almost immediately after the schools all closed for the summer holidays. According to The Brussels Times 5G has been banned in Brussels because of the health fears attributed to it.

A luxury apartment block is under construction in nearby New End. Could this base station simply be to cater for their needs?



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