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Protesters in ‘underground tunnel’ amid HS2 protest camp eviction

Protesters are opposed to the controversial rail link

27 January, 2021 — By Bronwen Weatherby, Tom Foot

The scene in Euston this morning [Simon Lamrock]

DEMONSTRATORS living in the HS2 protest camp in Euston have taken to the treehouses and are lying in an apparent underground tunnel as an eviction attempt began today (Wednesday).

As many as a dozen of the protesters were said to have entered the dug out trench when bailiffs moved in at around 5am.

HS2 Rebellion protester Dr Larch Maxey explains how the tunnel was dug to draw out any eviction attempt

In a statement released last night, the HS2 Rebellion group said the 100 foot tunnel had been code-named ‘Calvin’ and secretly dug over the months of the camp’s occupation. The group said: “Its entrance is concealed by an enormous fortified stronghold built from pallets, complete with towers, affectionately nick-named Buckingham Pallets.”

Blue Sandford, 18, one of the protesters ,said: ‘Hs2 is a waste of money and time, and by the government’s own admission will be heavily polluting and carbon intensive while demand for mass transit is falling and home working is the new norm for many people.

“I’m angry that the government is still effectively ignoring this crisis despite declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency two years ago. I’m in this tunnel because they are irresponsibly putting my life at risk from the Climate and Ecological Emergency.  They are behaving in a way that is so reckless and unsafe that I don’t feel they are giving us any option but to protest in this way to help save our own lives and the lives of all the people round the world.”

An HS2 spokesperson said: “Illegal action such as this is costly to the taxpayer and a danger to the safety of the activists, HS2 staff, high court enforcement officers and the general public, as well as putting unnecessary strain on the emergency services during the pandemic.


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