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Public need to know about 5G plan in plain language

23 October, 2020

Illustration by John Sadler

• CONCERNING the proposal for 5G masts in Milner Square, (Send in your objections to this 5G planning application, October 16).

I wish to lodge an objection to the proposal (Islington consultation on the submission of a planning application Ref: P2020/2264/FUL) because none of the following issues have been satisfactorily addressed.

In my opinion the drawings for the submission lack detail, and these questions need to be answered: (MBNL, Mobile Broadband Network Limited, for H3G and EE networks).

The drawings do not show: dimensions of structures; equipment cabinets; MBNL equipment – for example the “apertures”; masts mounted on tripods (these are non-penetrative and rely on ballast on the mounting plates to hold them down), what wind speeds are they calculated to withstand and have they ever been known to be blown over or collapse on other sites? Steel grillage; how would the support posts for the 600mm dishes be fixed and how high will these dishes be?

Real-life appearance of all equipment with dimensions, including concrete plinths and all other related items, masts etc giving actual dimensions of these, and showing them to scale on the building, in a form accessible to the general public. Will these structures be used to mount cameras?

On the right-hand side of the elevation, show the real-life appearance of the cabling or trunking on the face of the brickwork. How will signal to other networks in the area be affected? What about the impact of the electrical fields on the people in the affected buildings and those nearby?

Is any sound at all (humming, buzzing, whining, ticking, clicking, beeping, etc) or vibration produced by this equipment? Is the roof a flat roof: knowing the problems associated with flat roofs, is any additional strengthening or waterproofing proposed?

This is a considerable amount of heavy equipment – are there proposals for strengthening the roof and if there are, what are they, and if not, why not?

These items all need to be laid out in terms that an ordinary member of the public can understand.

Barnsbury Street, N1


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