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Putting the record straight on streets action

15 October, 2020

• FAKE news politics has arrived in Camden.

The Swiss Cottage Conservatives have been caught spreading false information about the supposed closure of certain roads in South Hampstead based on pure speculation.

So many alarmed residents have contacted us after seeing the Tories’ made-up claims that we feel compelled to set the record straight.

It is undeniably true that residents are very concerned about the quiet residential streets of South Hampstead being increasingly used as “rat-runs” between Finchley Road and West Hampstead.

They’ve told us that time and again, most recently over the summer when Camden asked residents what steps it should take to stave off a Covid-related rise in traffic and pollution.

In light of this, as Swiss Cottage Labour councillors, we have indeed asked transport officers to develop possible solutions to make our streets quieter and safer and to ensure that they’re mostly used by local residents rather than as GPS-assisted short-cuts.

Any such measures will need to benefit the entire South Hampstead area, and we have no intention of creating winners and losers among our streets. Eliminating problem rat-runs is no simple task and officers will need to find innovative solutions to the problem.

At this early stage, we have not yet seen any concrete proposals, and we certainly haven’t seen one that would uniquely “close down” any one road; the Conservatives have quite simply made that up in order to harvest concerned residents’ data with an online survey.

While officers explore possible solutions, we would love to build on this summer’s public engagement and continue to hear from residents about how they’d like South Hampstead’s streets to be in future, helping us build a clear picture of how quietening our streets can work for the whole area.

Labour, Swiss Cottage ward


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