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Rabbit dies after being dumped in a sealed box on Kilburn doorstep

RSPCA launch investigation into death of grey rabbit left with note that said: "If you don’t want, give to pet shop.”

03 August, 2018

Image released by RSPCA as part of its appeal for information

A RABBIT was dumped in a cardboard box outside the door of a property in Camden on one of the hottest days of the year, with a note which read: “If you don’t want, give to pet shop.”

Although the grey rabbit was alive when found, the animal was severely dehydrated and died a short while later. It was found in a sealed box with some vent holes on the top step outside a property in Birchington Road at around 5.50pm last Friday.

There was no water in the box and the finder tried to offer the rabbit some, but they would not take it. The finder contacted the RSPCA but sadly, the rabbit died while they were on the phone.

There was also a plastic bag next to the box which contained half a bag of rabbit food, rabbit vitamin solution, rabbit shampoo, brushes, nail cutters, harness and lead, and a wooden rabbit toy.

RSPCA inspector Mike Beaman said: “This poor rabbit was left in small cardboard box with no water on one of the hottest days. The box had holes cut into it and had written on it “if you don’t want give to pet shop”.

He added: “Along with the box was a plastic bag with rabbit shampoo, vitamin drops, harness, clipper, brush and wooden chew toy. This is what is so upsetting and frustrating because clearly at one point this rabbit must have been a well-cared for pet, but for reasons we may never know, whoever owned the rabbit then decided they didn’t want them anymore and callously dumped them outside someone else’s home on an extremely hot day.”

The box left in Birchington Road

The RSPCA are now investigating the circumstances and want anybody with information to come forward.

“As an inspector we find these actions so very frustrating,” said Mr Beaman. “Pets are for life, they are reliant on us owners to ensure that their needs our met, and they are not a toy that can just be discarded like a piece of rubbish when someone loses interest. Even if people’s circumstances change and they find they are no longer able to help their pet, there are still other options available such as contacting a local charity, not dumping it.”

He added: “I would like to thank the caller who tried their best to help this rabbit, it must have been very upsetting for them to have found this rabbit and then have it sadly die just a short while later.

The RSPCA appeal line is 0300 123 8018.


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