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Refused entry by the driver of an empty bus

11 September, 2020

‘What a waste of a bus and what a jobsworth driver’

• RULES are rules… but!

On Tuesday at 5.30pm I set out from Belsize Park in order to get a bus home. I’m unable to walk very far, I have a walking stick, and it’s clear to see that I’m a senior citizen.

At the closest bus stop I flagged a No 46 which could take me in the right direction home. It was on a detour because of a huge traffic jam on Haverstock Hill.

The bus displayed a notice “school bus” and was not surprisingly, at that time, completely empty. The driver refused to let me on and repeatedly kept pointing to the notice, “school bus”.

He was unable to make an intelligent decision of his own and drove on, presumably with his bus empty all the way to its destination at Lancaster Grove, while each hour of the journey decreased the chance of him picking up a school child.

What a waste of a bus and what a jobsworth driver. A second 46 came later displaying “full”. And this driver took me on board.



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