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Register for free event on childhood immunisation

20 June, 2019

Register for the talk on childhood immunisation by June 25

• MAY I draw your readers’ attention to an exciting free event open to all Camden’s communities on the subject of childhood immunisation?

This is to take place on July 2 at the wonderful new Centre for Independent Living in Greenwood Place, Kentish Town, and is one of the regular community forums hosted by Healthwatch Camden.

Researchers from the University of Strathclyde and University College London will talk about how they are helping the government plan their vaccination programmes.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask the researchers about their work and to discuss questions such as:

• What benefits do you expect from a vaccine?

• Are these different for an adult or for a child?

• What sort of diseases is it particularly important to you to be protected against?

• How can we tell if vaccines are value for money?

You do not need to have any medical knowledge to take part. The research team wants to hear about what is important to people and why.

To register, email: or call on 020 7383 2402 by June 25.

Patient & Public Involvement Lead
HAPIOR Clinical Operational Research Unit, UCL


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