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Reinstate the name of the Tricycle theatre

25 October, 2018

• WE the undersigned are unhappy with the renaming of Kilburn’s Tricycle theatre and cinema to Kiln. This was undertaken with no consultation of the local community whatsoever and we would like the name Tricycle reinstated.

The Tricycle has been a much loved and respected brand for almost 40 years within the Kilburn community and theatrical world and its name serves no purpose but to remove the history of this remarkable theatrical landmark for ever.

SIGNATORIES: BARONESS SALLY GREENGROSS, SIR MICHAEL CODRON (theatrical producer), BARRY BURNETT (agent), LESLEY JOSEPH (actor), BOBBY CRUSH (entertainer), ANNE REID (actor), CLIVE HIRSCHORN (critic), MIKE MARTIN (photographer), KEN LIVINGSTONE (former Mayor of London), LORD CASHMAN, WILLIAM DIFFER (executive for Sir Cameron Mackintosh), LES DENNIS (actor), MARTIN YATES (conductor Royal Ballet), JOE PASQUALE (comedian), BRADLEY WALSH (actor), LORRAINE CHASE (actor), GILLY DANIELS (actor), MARK CURRY (actor/presenter), JACQUELINE CLARKE (actor), SANDRA DICKINSON (actor), TARA WARD (actor), CAROLE TODD (director/choreographer), PAUL ELLIOTT (producer), LINDA HAYDEN (actor), RAY COONEY (playwright/actor), GARETH MARKS (actor), ANITA DOBSON (actor), CLARKE PETERS (actor/writer/director), CHRISTINA LAMB (journalist/writer), ROBIN SOANS (actor/playwright), PAUL FREEMAN (actor), JOAN ANN MAYNARD (actor), CHRISTOPHER BIGGINS (actor), IAN TALBOT (actor/director), MARK THOMAS (comedian/presenter/satirist)


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