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Remember how people voted in 2016

11 October, 2019

• IVOR Kenna of the Celtic League appeals to all fair-minded people to respect the views of the majority of the people of Northern Ireland who voted to remain in the European Union, (‘No to Nexit’, October 4).

He says he offers no opinion on Brexit. All I can say is that he must be the only person in the country who does not.

Be that as it may I very much suspect he in more worried about the effect on the economy of the Irish Republic rather than on the economy of Northern Ireland in the event of Brexit.

While NI voted to remain, bear in mind England and Wales did not. The population of England and Wales is
56 million while that of NI is 1.98 million.

The government cannot tolerate a situation where the tail is seen to wag the dog and when I say “tail” I include the Irish government who have tried every trick in the book to keep the United Kingdom inside the EU.

If Mr Kenna wants to appeal to fair-minded people then address it to remainers to respect the outcome of the referendum which was a UK-wide vote.

Barbican, EC2


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