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Remembrance bench audit launched on Hampstead Heath

Waiting list for a bench on the Heath has been closed

26 October, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

A bench for Peter Cliff on Parliament Hill

THEY range from poignant markers reminding passers-by of a much-loved person, to humorous references at a favoured spot. And now a new audit of benches on Hampstead Heath will draw up a new policy on dedications in the future,.

Heath managers at the City of London have put signs on benches that include inscrip­tions across the 860-acre Heath asking for help tracking down the people who paid for them. They say it is part of a drive to draft a new Memorial Bench policy and could see some older benches re-dedicated or replaced. Currently there is a waiting list of 82 for new benches and the City has written to every one they have records on to get their details up to date.

However, some benches have been in situ for decades and tracking down the people who paid for them is proving difficult. They include a bench dedicated to a Patrick Minogue overlooking the Vale of Health pond chain, and another to a journalist called Peter Cliff, on the slopes of Parliament Hill.

A City spokesman said: “We have placed notices on benches inviting the public to come forward with any information about the history of the bench and its sponsors. The waiting list for memorial benches on Hampstead Heath is currently closed while we update our records and draft a new policy for the scheme.”

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