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Claudia Jones House?

25 June, 2020

Claudia Jones

• REGARDING the Cecil Rhodes building in Somers Town, I think that Rhodes did achieve much for this country politically and economically, (Calls grow louder to rename Cecil Rhodes housing block, June 12).

However he was a odious man, described variously as a white supremacist, a paedophile, a sadist and a mass murderer, often known for instigating apartheid.

So the name should instantly come down. The locals should be given a choice then, democratically, something in short supply among Camden councillors.

My suggestion would be Claudia Jones. Claudia was born in Trinidad and Tobago but came to Britain after being expelled from the USA.

She lived in and around Camden writing about Black lives, injustices and human rights.

In the 1960s she started up the Notting Hill Carnival, which brings most people joy, uniting of cultures, classes and ages, with the power of music, dance, lots of spectacular costumes and great food. It brings happiness. It’s world known and brings economic benefits too.

Let’s celebrate this wonderful woman. Hardly any women give their name to buildings or have statues.



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