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Residents complain they can now hear tube trains under their homes

TfL says replacing rough rails in Camden Town and Kentish Town will not solve problem

04 January, 2018 — By Richard Osley

Andrew Dismore raised the issue at City Hall

LONDON Mayor Sadiq Khan has been urged to order an investigation into new noise disturbance from tube trains running on “rough rails” which has angered people living in homes above the Northern line.

It has been revealed that 16 residents in Camden Town and Kentish Town have lodged official complaints with Transport for London after noticing the noise getting louder last year and new vibrations.

Some have complained that the only response they have received from underground chiefs so far has warned that there is “no viable solution”.

Mr Khan was asked at City Hall last month to “see what can be done to mitigate their problems” when the issue was raised by London Assembly member Andrew Dismore, who represents Camden and Barnet.

The complaints are spread across a one-kilometre stretch between Camden Town and Kentish Town where residents are now being disturbed by tube noise in a way they had not been before.

Mr Khan said TfL was investigating the issue on a case-by-case basis and had found that “in most, if not all, of the cases, roughness of the rail is the primary cause of the increased noise and vibration”.

He added that the idea of replacing rails in the section had been explored but it would be of “limited benefit”. “A one-kilometre re-rail would take at least six months to deliver and in the time between the start and end of the work the rail would corrugate again,” Mr Khan warned.

He said “noise experts” would be in touch with residents to see what work could be done by the end of March. Mr Dismore raised the issue ahead of an expansion of Northern Line services planned for this year.

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