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Residents to oppose hotel chain extension plan in Euston

Premier Inn submits plan to add more floors to hotel

28 November, 2019 — By Samantha Booth

Residents at Somerton House

A HOTEL chain is to face questions from concerned residents over fears including a possible loss of light and disruption from a development plan in Euston.

Premier Inn wants permission to add a two-storey extension on top of its existing building in Euston Road, close to the flats in Somerton House.

The firm also wants to build an new six-storey building at the back of the hotel. Residents in the council-owned block are objecting to the proposals.

John Clarkson, secretary of the Somerton House Residents Association, said: “The rights of residents should be prioritised above those of a big business. Our homes will be turned into a building site for 15 months, which is not acceptable when you consider the vulnerable residents who live here.”

A desk-based light study assessment commissioned by Premier Inn found that 25 out of 34 windows will be BRE compliant. Nine windows will have reductions of between 20 to 30 per cent in the amount of skylight that falls on a vertical wall (VSC) – the BRE guidelines say 20 per cent is acceptable.

The study concludes that the proposed scheme will “have a minor impact on the daylight amenity to this property”. Residents say that changes to their windows several years ago already partially blocks light.

An artists’ impression by CHQ Architects

Mark Graham, 42, said he is concerned a loss of light and noise from construction could have a “detrimental” impact on his mental health, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

He said: “Sleeping is very difficult for me because of the medications and my anxieties come out at night.

“It’s also going to take some of the horizon, it will completely block out the view of Saint Pancras, it’s an amazing building to look at, it’s the only nice thing to look at around here.

“We are incredibly lucky having a flat in central London and we expect noise and development but not at the cost of our light and our sanity.”

Mother-of-two Magda Ande’s concerns are around noise affecting her children’s studying and relaxation. She said she already lives in difficult conditions in her one-bed flat.

She said: “What about when my son needs to revise and it’s noisy?”

The plans also include moving the reception and a new restaurant on the Euston Road side.

A meeting between residents and the chain is due to take place on Wednesday.

Pre-planning application meetings took place with the residents’ association earlier this year.

Jamie Baker, project manager at Premier Inn, told the New Journal: “We will listen to comments and views, we’ve been speaking regularly to our neighbours about the plans and will continue to do so.

“The application has been submitted, the Council’s consultation is underway, and that will bring out some questions and queries and we need to deal with those appropriately at the time.

“The planning application includes an analysis of light matters and its conclusions are based on nationally published guidelines.”

He added they would be “very mindful” of the works traffic and the construction of the proposed extension should planning be granted.  Traffic management and construction management plans would be put together and agreed with Camden Council before works commence.


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