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Review: Attic, at King’s Head Theatre

30 June, 2017 — By Elmira Tanatarova

Broken relationship: Leonie (Phoebe Stapleton) and Bay (Connor Harris) in Attic

ATTIC is Meriel Hinsching’s debut play, and entails an intimately told story about a broken down relationship between Leonie (Phoebe Stapleton) and Bay (Connor Harris).

While the plot can be difficult to follow in between the jumping structures of dialogue to monologue, the storytelling doesn’t rely on the specifics of what happened but rather on the sensory stimulation. Lighting and navigation of the small simple set creates space where there was none, through shadows and silhouettes to mirror the emotional landscape of the characters; from the room turning bright red as Leonie talks about passion to a single spotlight reflecting the couple’s silhouette as they appear to be the only people in a theatre filled with people.

The set takes this even further, and cigarettes, a central point of conversation between two characters, can be smelt when Leonie and Bay go for a smoke. In that, their relationship is much like the scenes themselves, all erratic narratives and filled with stories and heightened with feeling. Stapleton and Harris also tackle the roles exceptionally, giving meaning to words that wouldn’t otherwise be outwardly clear to audiences in their expression, their chemistry as evident in scenes of love as well as conflict.

Directed by the award winning Ed Theakston, the play makes you feel both uncomfortably close to the story and startled by it: it is almost as if you as an audience member are manifested in Leonie and Bay’s strange and erratic relationship.

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