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Review: Night of the Living Dead Live!, at Pleasance Theatre

18 April, 2019 — By Jack Courtney O’Connor

Ashley Samuels in Night of the Living Dead Live! Photo: Claire Bilyard

THE controversial playwright Howard Barker has accused the audience of being the enemy.

George A Romero, writer/director of the classic 60s horror movie, I am sure would agree… especially seeing the first-night audience of the theatrical makeover of his pulp classic.

A monochrome set with 20-odd punters in grey overalls for no apparent reason can be seen sitting on stage – perhaps some are family friends of the actors or patrons of the theatre or even strangers from south London – taking selfies in costume and asking members of the audience to take snaps of them.

The scene is set for a farcical production of Romero’s movie. It was made at a time (1968) of Cold War angst and more than a bit of paranoia about. But instead of “reds under the beds” we had zombies.

The play opens with an Orson Welles-type voiceover reminiscent of his War of the Worlds broadcast warning us that the Martians are coming – only this time it’s ghouls!

Act one is almost a recreation of Romero’s picture – set in a house in rural Pennsylvania surrounded by zombies, but the term was not used in the movie. The second act offers a series of “what if?” formats with different scenarios heading towards an up-lifting musical finale.

The director, Benji Sperring, has commented that the Romero movie can be seen as a metaphor for anti-consumerism.

Other critics have said it was a warning against galloping capitalism.

To quote the director: “Political bollocks aside, Night of the Living Dead occupies a position which few other stage pieces do: comedy horror! The result is a combination of Shaun of the Dead and Carry on Zombie.”

This is a fine production with super special effects and the stage management production team have to be congratulated, as well as the walk-on ghouls.

There are many strong performances with Ashley Samuels as the lead Ben playing it straight for more effect.

If ghouls (zombies) are your bag, then this is for you.

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