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Review: River in the Sky, at Hope Theatre

15 August, 2019 — By Ezreen Benissan

Lindsey Cross and Howard Horner in River in the Sky

WRITTEN and directed by Peter Taylor, River in the Sky explores a difficult and dark topic – the challenges and emotional impact a young couple face after the death of their child.

The young couple – who are nameless for the bulk of the performance – Ellie (Lindsey Cross) and Jack (Howard Horner), struggle to comprehend the tragic and uncontrollable loss of their son. Separately, they both ineffectively attempt to grieve but it is only when they come together to share fictional stories that they begin to find closure.

The set design and lighting cunningly portray the ominous presence of their son, while Cross and Horner’s acting is emotive and delicately handles an gruelling subject.

As fascinating and exciting this play could be, it feels detached and distant at times. The lack of intimate detail creates a wall between the audience and characters; for example, we are never told the name of the child or given much insight into their former life.

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