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Review: Skin Tight, at Hope Theatre

Moving, provocative, and truly original, Gary Henderson’s play is an absorbing piece of art

27 October, 2017 — By Elmira Tanatarova

Louise Hoare and Phillip Edwards in Skin Tight

GARY Henderson’s Skin Tight is striking, innovative, and physically charged in its tale of how a multitude of experiences can take place in a single life.

Based on Denis Glover’s famed poem, The Magpies, Henderson’s skilful writing means that Tom (Phillip Edwards) and Elizabeth (Louise Hoare) spend the entirety of this short play talking about their childhood, their deaths, and all that happens in between organically and potently, paying attention to every phase of their journey without ever slipping out of the present moment.

With that comes the beauty of this show: the ability for the audience to see the exuberant youth and vivacity that stays within all of us regardless of our age.

Max Kirk’s direction is to be commended. Edwards and Hoare are sensational in their delivery; trust is evident (and necessary) in this production, and the two move in synch as if one, be it from handling knives to catching someone as they descend off a high ladder. Their energy translates not only in their physicality but also in their dialogue; although young, both give a timelessness to the characters, and absorb the audience into the 1950s Southern New Zealand setting of the play.

Moving, provocative, and truly original as a piece of art, this hidden gem is definitely worth seeing.

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