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Review: Starved, at Hope Theatre

Crafty and humourous writing and a clever set

25 July, 2019 — By Ezreen Benissan

Starved. Photo: LHPhotoShots

TOXIC, caged and in solitary: that is how Lad and Lass spend every day squatting in one of Hull’s roughest estates.

Written by Michael Black – who plays Lad – and directed by Matt Strachan, Starved explores the psychological challenges of a young northern couple in hiding and how fear fuels their relationship.

Lad and Lass (Alana Connaughton) have a connection that is confined to the walls of the estate.

We gain a raw insight into the lives of a northern working-class couple living in poverty: days are spent drinking vodka, consuming Cup-a-Soups, reminiscing, flirting and arguing.

Their cyclical toxic relationship and perpetual emotional disorder is powerfully portrayed through dialogue, music and dance.

The final movement piece, directed by Ruth Phillips, is unsettling and flawlessly solidifies the permanency of the couple’s situation.

Although it is not quite clear why the couple are in hiding, the crafty and humourous writing combined with the sheer cleverness of Esteniah Williams’ set design, brings this play to life. With a run time of 60 minutes, it is a short but captivating insight into a troubled and destitute relationship.

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