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Review: Thread, at Hope Theatre

28 November, 2019 — By Lucy Bacon

‘Fresh and relevant’ – Thread is at the Hope Theatre

REUNITING playwright Freya Alderson with the XV Theatre Company for the second time, Thread is a fresh and relevant play exploring themes of sexual abuse, #MeToo, and sibling rivalry.

Maya-Nika Bewley and Christina Balmer play half-sisters Margo and Vivian, who share a once-famous father, now suffering with Alzheimer’s.

Despite the difference in the sisters’ ages, they revel in each other’s company, partying and taking drugs together. However, their relationship takes a turn when rape allegations come to light about their father.

Vivian, a famous actor herself, wants to deny the allegations to protect their family’s name, while social media-conscious Margo wants to face the truth.

In the middle is Ian Semenya, played by Christopher Jenner-Cole, manager and close friend of Vivian, who tries to mitigate the conflict between the two sisters.

Eric Carte’s depiction of the father is the stand-out performance. He shifts between stages of Peter’s life and illness, and gives a harrowing performance exploring what it’s like living with Alzheimer’s.

The set features a screen displaying tweets relating to the #MeToo campaign, aided by sound from Matthew Karmios, which highlights the relevance of social media today.

The result is a culturally poignant play about sexual abuse, mental health, and family loyalty.

Until December 7
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