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Review: Vaults Festival, at The Vaults

08 February, 2019 — By Julie Tomlin

JUDGING by the numbers of people wandering Waterloo’s network of underground walkways and tunnels, the Vaults Festival has become a mainstay of the fringe theatre calendar.

Greyscale is an intriguing piece of theatre from Anonymous Is A Woman that confronts audiences with the complexities of dating in the post #MeToo era, with a beginning determined by how the audience (numbers are limited to 10) answers a series of questions. We first met Jaz, who told us enthusiastically about his date with Lou, before we were led to another site and were voyeurs for a short time before following Lou to a bar where we heard her story. It’s an ambitious performance that sparked conversation for some time after.

There was a performance too of Yellow Coat Theatre Company’s Of Course I’m Hot, I’m 50, a warming play showcased at last year’s Camden Fringe, that tackles the experience of menopause.

Another one to watch out for is Violet, Bebe Sanders of Poor Michelle’s charming story of recently dumped Bertie whose life and perspective are transformed by meeting an 80-year-old. Written and performed with spot on timing by Sanders and staged at the Tristan Bates Theatre last year, the play is a touching account of a deepening friendship complete with copious amounts of wine, fish and chip suppers and lindy hop classes.

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