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Revised One Housing plan for canalside must be rejected

17 March, 2017

• A YEAR has passed since you reported on the planning application for housing at Bangor Wharf, by the Regent’s Canal.

It was rejected with 18 points for developer One Housing to note.

Residents adjacent to the site recently received a glossy leaflet from One Housing concerning its revised planning application 2017/1230/P.

The new plans, not very different from last year’s, are incomplete. It must be hoped that once they are lodged properly, the deadline for objections will be extended beyond March 29.

The scale of the buildings proposed is quite out of keeping with the immediate area. Two storeys higher than any nearby buildings, yet hardly set back from the canal, the planned edifices are of little merit and will contribute to a corridor of shadow along the canal.

Pity the residents of the Georgian terrace housing at 118-134 Royal College Street whose back windows would be so close to the development.

One Housing ignores Camden’s wish to “conserve and enhance the existing character of the canal” and its intention that “designs for new buildings… should respect the character and appearance of the local area and neighbourhood’.

One Housing also makes much of creating a publicly accessible space in and around the development. There is no such need. The towpath and the canal itself are the principal amenity.

We don’t deny the need for housing or, indeed, for commercial space affording employment.  We do say that six storeys is far too high.

Only a developer could claim the proposals are an improvement on the first application and they will visually improve the area and enhance the canal!

It’s a pity, though, that further industrial use is not being considered for this particular site, its being so used for a century and more.

London’s population increases apace, the one-lane Royal College Street is often one long traffic jam, and yet we all expect more and timely home deliveries of online purchases. Thought must be given to future commercial use of the canals and space reserved for canalside warehousing.

This revised application must be rejected.

Reachview Close, NW1


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