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Sadiq Khan has let us down on the C-charge

25 June, 2020

The congestion charge is ‘simply another form of taxation directed specifically at Londoners’

• I AM very disappointed with mayor Sadiq Khan and his insult to all of us who live in London.

Not only do we have to put up with the highest cost of living in the UK but have endured the worst of the Covid-19 crisis.

So why is the “temporary” alteration to the congestion charge being applied without full and proper consultation? As residents of a borough adjacent to the perimeter of the zone this will affect us more than most.

An increase in the daily charge is one thing but the extension of its hours of operation to 10pm and the inclusion of Saturday and Sunday is grossly unfair.

There is also no end date to these “temporary” changes although the Transport for London website does reference that Christmas day will not be included.

This is simply another form of taxation directed specifically at Londoners. I’ve no doubt Sadiq Khan is a well-intentioned and honourable man but in this he’s severely let us down.



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