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Sarah Hayward has little defence!

11 April, 2019

Sarah Hayward

• ON which far-flung planet has Ms Sarah Hayward been living since stepping down as council leader?

Instead of self-congratulatory statements to the press (Former council leader defends deal with HS2, April 4) regarding their funding of the porridge-coloured replacement housing, erected on what were once the estate’s green spaces, Ms Hayward should be hanging her head in shame over what, since her departure, has occurred on the opposite side of the Hampstead Road.

Best viewed from the top of a bus is a scene of total devastation, every habitable structure, be it for the dead or for the living, every tree and blade of grass swept away courtesy of HS2.

During the petitioning process witnessing their barrister wipe the floor with former Cllr Hayward’s legal team was not a pretty sight and certainly nothing to be proud of given that the residents of Camden are faced with yet a further 15-plus years of mayhem as a consequence.



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