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Save London’s Victorian buildings

09 September, 2021

• A REPRIEVE for our Victorian buildings is essential for the environment and our sanity.

North London has much of this architecture and we should be fighting for its existence not knocking it down at every opportunity.

The people who seem to dislike the Victorian Age unfortunately are in power – Sadiq Khan, the councils of Islington and Camden, the government and the developers, including housing associations.

A history lesson should be necessary to all the above before they start with the wrecking ball.

A Service to Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Peabody and the Work of its Founder George Peabody (March 29, 2012) printed by Barnard & Westwood Ltd would be where to start.

The high-rise isolation blocks are growing like wildfire across London, as did the high-rises of the 1960s and 1970s that were a disaster. We never seem to learn from our mistakes.

After the Blitz among the debris there stood the magnificence of Victorian architecture and it still stands brick-built, detailed, the heart and soul of the men who created homes for the poor.

The Victorians did more for the poor than any government that came after. The present power machine should take a good look at themselves and not the spreadsheets of greed.

I am going to do my utmost to save the Gothic Tower at Archway which was handed to Peabody without any clauses or provisos. The character of this city is being removed by a handful of people and it needs to stop before it’s too late.

Dartmouth Park Hill, NW5


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