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Save this gem of a building for the community to use

13 December, 2018

• DIANA Foster (What’s happening to Somers Town would not happen to Hampstead, Letters, December 6) is exactly right – demolition of historic buildings and construction projects that alter the nature of historic streetscapes and destroy heritage take place in the areas where working poor live.

Highgate Newtown Community Centre redevelopment is just such a case in question. Why demolish perfectly useful buildings with 50 years life in them and replace them with buildings with 30 years life, alter the nature of the neighbour-hood and overdevelop the site?

Oh and turn a building that has been in public use since 1894 into two town houses… The Peoples’ Gospel Mission or Hope Mission Hall is a perfect gem of a community building. Like Ms Foster I suspect that if it was in Hampstead it would not be threatened, and lost to community.

This hall is in the middle of the Fresh Youth Academy, recently the recipient of a large sum of money via section 106. It would make sense to take it all out of the development and mothball it rather than lose it for ever. Where is the conservation area committee?

It is not in the Dartmouth Park Conservation Area but near enough to be fought for. It is such a little jewel, we won’t see the like again. It is not grand architecture but it is lovely. It should be saved for community use.

Burghley Road, NW5


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