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School ditches ‘bend and snap’ scene in feminist reworking of Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon's famous ‘bend and snap’ routine was changed to a ‘flick and a wave’

08 December, 2016 — By Ella Jessel

The Parliament Hill Legally Blonde cast, including Isabella Furst

THE “bend and snap” from the 2001 hit comedy Legally Blonde taught women everywhere that reaching down to pick up a pencil – and pushing out your backside – is a sure-fire way to snare a husband.

But teenagers at a girls’ school in Highgate have decided Elle Woods’ dating tips are a little outdated and have scrapped the risqué routine for a “feminist reworking” of the story of the sorority girl-turned lawyer.

Instead of the “bend and snap”, Parliament Hill School’s Christmas production of Legally Blonde: the Musical, this week features a less provocative “flick and wave” move in the famous nail bar scene.

It is 15 years since Legally Blonde hit our screens, telling the story of the pampered Beverly Hills blonde Elle Woods, who is dumped by her wealthy boyfriend and follows him to Harvard Law School to win him back.

The ‘bend and snap’ scene from the 2001 movie

The undergraduate surprises everyone when, despite wearing pink suits and writing with a pink fluffy pen, it is revealed she possesses a rather astute legal brain and goes on to triumph in the courtroom.

But the underlying Legally Blonde message – that you can get ahead by being smart, but being sexy helps bag a husband – was perhaps a bit skin deep for Parliament Hill pupils.

Legally Blonde Parliament Hill

Drama teacher Laura Acton, who helped the students bring the script into 2016, said: “The famous ‘bend and snap’ was changed to a ‘flick and a wave’ as our students felt it more appropriate for a family audience”, adding: “They also wanted a more feminist reworking to modernise the show and make it more in line with Parliament Hill values.”

The ambitious production stars Isabella Furst and Asli Mohamed alternating in the lead role of Elle and involves a 150-student dance ensemble, live band and impressive set by the art department.

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