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School warns abusive parents: You will be banned!

Minority of parents insulting admin staff over attendance and punctuality rules

16 March, 2018 — By Richard Osley

Netley Primary School

A HEADTEACHER has warned rude parents that they could be banned from school premises after cases of swearing at staff and “unpleasant outbursts”.

Bavaani Nanthabalan said a “minority of parents” at Netley School, in Regent’s Park, had insulted staff. “Of late, the admin staff have been on the receiving end of some unpleasant behaviour displayed by parents and carers,” she said. “They have been abusive, swearing and insulting when things have not gone their way. Very often this has related to attendance, punctuality, non-emergency appointments. It is very upsetting for staff, especially as often children are around to witness these unpleasant outbursts from parents and carers.”

Ms Nanthabalan was writing in The Netley Post, a weekly bulletin sent home to families with children at the recently-redeveloped school and autism centre in Stanhope Street.

Bavaani Nanthabalan

The school is rated “good” by Ofsted, with the head praised for “strong and inspiring” leadership during its last inspection which said standards were always on the rise. Schools across Camden regularly remind parents of the need to keep attendance records high.

In some cases, unexplained absences can lead to action by the local authority. Ms Nanthabalan, a former head at Torriano School in Kentish Town, said children would not be allowed to leave school early for non-emergency appointments at the dentist or doctor, which should be made out of school hours.

“A warning letter will be sent to any abusive parent or carer,” she has told parents. “If behaviour persists, you may be banned from the premises. We thank the majority of parents and carers who are courteous, patient and pleasant in their dealings with staff at reception.”

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