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Scotland should look to its history

10 January, 2020

• SCOTLAND and England have shared a single parliament for over three centuries, and monarchs for over four, and yet Scotland now wants to cut its ties with the UK.

The reasons have much to do with identity, and that need may press for separation even at considerable economic cost.

In contrast the UK has shared in EU lawmaking for four decades only, so we should not be surprised if a majority want to regain identity in political independence.

During our joint history Scots have played a huge part in developing the UK’s prosperity and standing in the world and over 10 per cent of Scots actually live in England. Surely we have much more reason to remain together than can be said for full UK integration in the EU.

Of course, even after the UK parts from Brussels we will retain and develop many and complex trade and cultural connections across the Channel.

Though many in Camden will remain sore, it will be better to “think together” with the rest of the EU just as we should hope the Scots will do, with their southern neighbour.

One huge move towards this would be to cancel the southern development of the HS2 and spend the savings on improved road and rail links across northern England and into Scotland.



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