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Scrap the DWP and pay families some real money

19 January, 2018

• WHAT if the Department for Work and Pensions was scrapped and the government gave the people £1.5million per family?

I believe taking this step would save red tape, millions of pounds in costs, buildings, staff, equipment and more. And all the families could get their lives sorted out and create businesses and housing by forming co-ops.

I envisage this as a one-off payment for established citizens of 30 years who have been kept on the edge of poverty and low wages for too long. If this happened it would rid us all of despair and parasites.

As a disabled person, currently being persecuted by the system which is out of date and unnecessary, this seems to me a one-off chance for people to take part in the profits that foreign investors enjoy.

I would be interested what others have to say. I believe it would help lower crime and lower poverty and encourage a fairer society that would, in turn, help the economy.

I am sure that not everyone will agree but think that if properly debated and implemented it could lead to a better and more balanced society.



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