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Sea solution? Inventor Ivan seeks backing

09 February, 2018 — By Joe Cooper

Ivan Mendez

AN inventor is appealing for help to build a new prototype which he says would help eradicate drought.

Ivan Mendez has filed a patent application for his invention, the IMDIFS, a seawater desalination and underground irrigation system.

Mr Mendez, who has roots in Trinidad and Tobago, has done a whole host of jobs throughout his life, including lecturing in the Caribbean and working with young offenders in this country.

Desalination plants already exist in countries such as Israel, but they are hugely expensive. Mr Mendez, who lives in Holloway, said his invention could be set up and run at a fraction of the cost.

A diagram showing Mr Mendez’s invention

It uses natural resources, including solar energy, to transport seawater and then evaporate and condense it. It can then be used to help regreen deserts for the benefit of the planet and the country’s inhabitants.

Mr Mendez said: “Through using the IMDIFS to transform the desert, rapid sustainable commercial agriculture can take place as more and more useless desert land becomes arable, which in turn provides for the socio-economic development of the country, reducing its reliance on food imports, and underpins the foundation upon which its industrial and scientific regeneration can take place.”

Mr Mendez has already written to the government of Mozambique with his proposals and is asking anyone who may be able to assist in constructing a prototype to email him at

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