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Search for kitten missing from Hampstead Heath fairground site

Fashion photographer appeals for help in finding little Lunar

26 January, 2017 — By Tom Foot

Have you seen Lunar?

A CARAVAN kitten has vanished from his home on Hampstead Heath, leaving his owner distraught.

Four-month-old Lunar was last seen by owner, Jemima Marriott, as she left her home in the fairground site in the Vale of Health. The fashion photographer was going to a fancy-dress party in a black and white cat costume on January 14, but when she came back he was gone.

“I went to the party that night dressed up as a black and white cat channelling Lunar,” said Ms Marriott. “I returned at 2am and there was no sign of him.”

Ms Marriott, whose great aunt was a Welsh Romany Gypsy, said she had wanted a cat because “living on the edge of the forest” would be a “perfect life for a cat”.

She said: “I eventually let him out and he loved exploring the site and the other caravans.”

Ms Marriott moved into the caravan a year ago. She added: “Life up here is basic, I fetch my water from a tap, boil the kettle to wash up, have a toilet that I have to empty weekly – we have basic facilities here, I swim at the Ladies’ Pond all year.”

Have you seen Lunar? Contact Ms Marriott on 07852 913395.

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