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Send in your objections to this 5G planning application

16 October, 2020

Illustration by John Sadler

• IF insufficient objections are received to planning application P2020/2264/FUL by 25/10/20, it will allow, on top of Waterloo Gardens in Milner Square, a forest of antennae, emitting high levels of radiation which will flood our children’s playground, our homes and surrounding streets.

Islington Council spent thousands creating this playground, which will now be squandered, as its presence lures children closest to dangerous output of the antennae.

Michael Mansfield QC is sufficiently concerned at such health risks to lead a legal team currently for the campaigning organisation Action Against 5G, challenging the UK government over its failure to take notice of the health risks and public concern related to this technology, originally developed for military purposes.

Milner Square, within living memory, was once overcrowded tenements, replaced by council housing, and is now a conservation area. Designed by the same architects as the Almeida theatre, it was bombed during World War II.

Corrie writer, and best-selling author, Susan Oudot’s childhood home, she recently created a film to capture the historic tenement memories of people still living in Milner Square, who now have to face this danger to be sited within yards of their homes.

Susan’s film, Through the Hole in the Wall, can be viewed on

At first glance I thought the council letter referred to TV reception antennae and was about to discard it.

But curious as to why planning was required, I accessed the council website to discover the news that in the middle of this Covid-19 pandemic, when we are all struggling to survive and keep in good health, the gatekeeper of our health, this council, have allowed this additional threat to reach this stage.

Most applicants contact the council to get an opinion whether its worth paying the fees and proceeding. Why wasn’t it discouraged at that point?

This has implication for insurance, sale of homes, and for those of us in social housing who cannot afford to move. Here’s a Labour council which has forgotten its working class roots of protecting the vulnerable.

Do we not merit the right to good health? Death from cancer is a slow instalment plan and the 24/7 radiation doses we will get from these antennae will gradually chip away our good health.

Children are the most vulnerable. It’s a high price to pay to allow someone to stream a video a few milliseconds quicker.

Please don’t assume that someone else will object and you don’t need to. The more objections the more the council will sit up and listen.

Redbridge council refused such an application after 400 objections. Many council letters go to the homeowner, and I think tenants in Waterloo Gardens may be unaware of this application.

As the letter does not say 5G antennae, many would have put it directly into the recycle.

Pushing this application, when we can’t collect petitions, when council meetings will be by Zoom and not in the council chamber, and when council staff are working remotely, is a blow to democracy.

Councillors should demand more time or put this process off until the danger of Covid and lockdowns is lessened.

You can email Alex McCombie, the lead officer on this, at: (phone 020 7527 2401). Or please write to Alex McCombie at Planning, 222 Upper Street, London N1 1XR.

Milner Square, N1


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