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Should the PM not resign?

19 March, 2020

Prime minister Boris Johnson

• BY not following the advice of the World Health Organisation this Tory government is gambling with all our lives and, shockingly, up to 500,000 of us may die.

By the time this paper is published thousands of people in Camden will be infected by the coronavirus (multiply the number of reported cases by 50 for the actual number).

South Korea is a good example of a country that has successfully contained the virus and should be emulated.

Everyone entering the United Kingdom should be tested and quarantined if found to be positive. All contacts of those infected should be tested, too, as should all health and social care workers.

The NHS should take over all private hospitals and clinics and all doctors and nurses should be provided with adequate protective clothing and masks.

As children are at risk, too, and are carriers of the disease, schools and universities should close with pupils being given plenty of homework while parents of young children should be given paid leave or teenagers entrusted to look after younger siblings.

Sick pay must be given from day one for everybody including those on zero-hours contracts. These are just some of the measures that should be in place now but are not happening.

So shouldn’t the prime minister resign?

Over 70 with an underlying health condition


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