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Sign of the times: For Harry Styles fans, HS2 only means one thing!

Rail link campaigner embroiled in unlikely clash with pop fans

19 July, 2018 — By Tom Foot

AS a leading organiser in the campaign against High Speed Two, Joe Rukin is used to duelling with politicians and rail industry chiefs in his quest to get the controversial train link canned.

But has he met his match by taking on the legions of fans following Hampstead pop prince Harry Styles? An unlikely clash has unfolded on social media after the singer’s devotees continued to urge Mr Styles to “drop” – by which they mean release – his second studio album. His following has been given the album the unofficial name of “HS2”, an abbreviation of Harry Styles 2.

The constant mentions of HS2 in relation to the former One Direction star rather than the rail project was too much for Mr Rukin, who tweeted at the singer: “Dear Harry Styles, could you please hurry up and come up with a name for your second album, because it’s getting increasingly annoying having all your fans on Twitter talking about HS2.”

The performer’s fans took it upon themselves to respond on their hero’s behalf with a rush of tweets and hundreds of shares. Among the responses, one fan said: “I genuinely want to start tweeting about HS2 everyday so these old people understand the importance of good music,” while another warned: “Lol this is so funny but HS2 is all we’ll be talking about everyday for the next 2 years or however long it takes him to release it. Make the best of it.”

Others suggested HS2 was now owned by Mr Styles, while another superfan said: “His fans do care immensely; 2, there’s no rushing Harry to do anything; 3, It’d be easier for you to change your name, considering he has 32 million followers, many of whom will be tweeting about his second album HS2 until it happens.”

While supported by Labour, the Conservatives and Lib Dems nationally, HS2 has been opposed in Camden ahead of two decades of demolition and disruption which has driven residents from their homes and forced businesses to close.


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