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07 June, 2018

• THE Royal Free Hospital NHS trust hired estate agents to explore the market potential for the sale of Queen Mary’s Hospital and its grounds.

How much has the trust wasted simply to get an answer that everyone knows? The agents confirm there will be no difficulty in getting best price for luxury housing.

More gated, luxury developments are the last thing that Hampstead needs. A sale would mean the loss of housing for 52 nurses and key workers, and some top therapeutic care facilities for the frail elderly, many with dementia.

Hampstead has witnessed the sad results of the sale of other public assets, 29 New End Nurses Home which lay empty for years while being passed between speculative developers, also the police station, empty since 2014.

The trust must share its plans and aspirations, with the medical world, the local and wider NHS community, for more ambitious and imaginative ways of retaining the land for medical and key worker housing use. Planning permission must be refused for luxury developments on the site.

Instead Camden and the trust should regard this as a golden opportunity to work together to ensure that this land is retained in the spirit of its original bequest, that it be used for charitable purposes.

If you feel the same way, and want to stop the sell-off, please sign the petition:

Camden Liberal Democrats


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