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Simple way to end Pentonville squalor

16 November, 2018

Demonstrators calling for homes on the prison site. But could it be used to house Pentonville inmates?

• I HAVE read the reports of what should be done with the Holloway Prison site and the terrible conditions in Pentonville, with lack of facilities, insanitary conditions and overcrowding.

Surely, it would be common sense to use Holloway Prison either permanently or on a short-term basis of a few years to transfer prisoners there while Pentonville is modernised or sold off. If you treat prisoners badly they will behave badly, both inside and when they are released.

To see what can be done regarding prison reform perhaps the prison service should go to the Netherlands, where they have been so skilled at reforming prisoners that they have a big reduction in numbers and have now closed some prisons.

To keep the remaining ones open they are taking difficult prisoners from other countries. All this is straight­forward.

Nelson Place, N1


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