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Sir Keir Starmer is the best chance for change

31 July, 2020

Sir Keir Starmer

• HAVING very recently joined the Labour Party, believing that after 10 years an unelectable and unelected party finally has a credible leader, I am more than sorry to read Momentum supporters’ correspondence yet again in the CNJ, (Momentum Camden has called for a vote of no confidence in Sir Keir Starmer).

As usual it is full of innuendo and implied slurs. Sir Keir Starmer has already shown himself to have the integrity and decisiveness that has been sorely lacking over the last years.

It is a good thing that he sacked Rebecca Long Bailey – a Corbyn acolyte who refused to withdraw Maxine Peake’s anti-Semitic slur… a slur which she herself withdrew.

The British army and police train forces in many different countries but are not held responsible for the misuse of techniques which may or may not be applied.

Perhaps your correspondents will now suggest the recent kneeling on the neck of a man of colour by a white policeman in the UK is also the fault of Israel?

I am glad Sir Keir, with his record as a human rights lawyer and with his absolute rejection of anti-Semitism and racism of any kind, overt or implied, has made it clear that there is no longer a place for it in the Labour Party.

With so many worrying evils in Russia, China and the US, not to mention in the UK with a prime minister who is known for his trifling with the truth, it is time the CNJ moved on from its weekly “Momentum slant”.

It’s time to learn from the past, focus on the future, and recognise that the best chance for a change of leadership we so desperately need is with Sir Keir Starmer.


• The Editor writes: Our Letters pages are a space for our readers to express their views and have no “slant” from the CNJ one way or another.


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