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Slavery is as old as mankind

25 June, 2020

• IT’S as old as mankind, there has been slave trade, in all civilisations and empires, including the African ones.

Yes, Africans also traded and slaved Africans, what is more, most Africans slaves were slaved by African and sold to slave traders).

The Greeks and the Roman Empire had slaves of all colours, including prisoners of war.

The Ottoman Empire slaved people of all colour, and countless European Christians for centuries. The same thing did the Barbary corsairs.

Ever wondered why those pretty coastal villages in Spain, Sicily, Sardinia, south Italy are perched up in high hills? That is because the danger from slave raids.

They raided and slaved people from north west Europe too (England and Iceland in 17th century) and they were a danger to maritime traffic until late 18th century.

Slavery was not based on colour; actually, blond germanic and slavs (origin of the word) were much sought after by the Romans and later on Ottomans and Arabs.

Slavery became associated with colour with the Transatlantic trade to America and Trans-saharan trade to the Arab slave markets (something we hear nothing about).



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