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So has Theresa May had such a change of heart?

29 November, 2018

Is Theresa May’s rhetoric surrounding her proposed deal just the latest example of a cynical attempt to con the people?

• THE lies and distortions that dogged the referendum are returning as Theresa May tries to sell her deal to the people.

She says her deal is in the country’s interest and hence we should support it. Look at this statement a bit more closely.

The latest economic projections suggest that accepting this deal will reduce the value of the UK economy by 3.9 per cent per annum compared to staying in the EU (equivalent to more than £1,000 a person).

And if the “backstop”, designed to prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland, needs to be triggered it is estimated that this will cost the economy approximately £70billion per annum.

The deal claims that we are “taking back control” but should the backstop need to be triggered then we will be bound by EU rules on trade policy (including use of state aid, environmental and labour standards) and have no say in how these rules are formulated; unlike at present.

It will also mean that services (which make up 80 per cent of our economic wealth) will remain unprotected.

It could also have a profound impact on the NHS’s ability to obtain vital medical isotopes, access to EU databases to fight crime, the ability to participate in EU research and student exchange programmes and potentially on citizens’ rights to visa-free travel.

And just ask those involved in the fishing industry if they feel that they will have more control over UK waters. The answer would be a resounding “no”.

What about immigration? The current freedom of movement arrangements will cease, to be replaced by an as yet unspecified immigration policy, which will prioritise high-skilled workers.

But already our NHS, care and farming sectors are suffering through labour shortages and as low- or medium-skilled workers fill many of the positions, it is highly likely that these shortages will intensify if the prime minister’s deal is passed.

Her priority has always to “get the numbers down” irrespective of the needs of the public and private sector; so the impact on services and jobs is likely to be dire.

And finally, in 2016 Mrs May said: “Remaining within the EU makes us more secure, makes us more prosperous and increases our influence beyond our shores” (a position now endorsed by an increasing number of MPs).

Has she had a miraculous change of heart or is the rhetoric surrounding her proposed deal just the latest example of a cynical attempt to con the people?

Don’t fall for it. Support the call for a people’s vote and take the decision out of the hands of cynical, dishonest, and incompetent politicians.



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