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So this is what they mean by ‘leafy streets’?

'Quite normal' for pollarded trees to look like this

18 June, 2020 — By Tom Foot

TREES covered from root-to-branch in leaves have been catching the eye of passers by during the coronavirus lockdown, drawing comparisons with “green monsters” or the bioengineered carnivorous plants from The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham.

The incongruous limes are showing signs of ”epicormic growth”, which experts say is a response to pollarding. Shoots start sprouting-out from underneath the bark of the trunk when the crown of the tree is damaged.

It had been suggested that the cleaner air during the lockdown may have been causing nature to surge. But tree expert Paul Wood, who wrote a book called London Street Trees, said: “These are recently pollarded Lime trees and it’s quite normal for this species to look like this after they have been trimmed back in the winter. They can look quite surprising.

“I think the interesting thing is that people are noticing everything much more during lockdown as your photos and the interest they have garnered on Twitter demonstrate. The lime trees [or Lindens] are just coming into flower now too, and they have a subtly lovely scent which fills the air in June – maybe people will be noticing the aroma at the moment too?”


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