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Some good came out of this vandalism

18 September, 2020

Street planter before and after being vandalised

• WHILE on holiday last week, a neighbour texted me to say that a street planter which I’d been maintaining since June had been vandalised and the plants tipped out on the road.

Another neighbour had swept up the carnage. The following night, when back home, the planter was again tipped over and this time the actual planter box was stolen.

I am not quite sure what the person or persons who thought of doing this had as an objective or if they need professional help of some sort.

What I am totally sure about is the great kindness and help, both practical and verbal, offered by my neighbours in the street and by others who have watched the planter grow in beauty over the past few months.

Many people stopped to say how sorry they were, how much they had appreciated it, and how they, too, couldn’t understand the mentality of the vandal(s).

So, having got over the disbelief, the silver lining is shining through. People are so so kind and I’d like to thank every one of them for their thoughtfulness and concern. Good does triumph over evil.

And if anyone has found an abandoned, pale green, painted planter, please let me know.



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