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Someone bit by a dead bee?

10 March, 2016

YEARS ago an acquaintance told me that she had been stung by a wasp and since that day she could no longer solve crossword puzzles, as if her brain had stopped working. How very odd, I remember thinking then. I was reminded of it last July during the appeal discussions at the council chambers about the Essential Living-proposed Swiss Cottage Tower (which had been previously rejected by Camden Council). One afternoon session had to be cancelled – a nasty wasp (or was it a bee?) had stung the inspector and he had to go to A&E nearby for treatment, his arm having swollen horribly. Could that have affected his reasoning? Was the secretary of state also stung by a wasp? How else can we explain the perverse decision to overturn the democratic local planning procedure? We local residents are not Nimbys: if 90 per cent of flats in the proposed tower were ring-fenced as really affordable homes for, say, people working for the Royal Free we would at least see some benefit, in spite of the intrusive, massive, size. If Dante were alive today he would devise a special place in Hell for the developers. All we can do is to be grateful to David Reed, the Swiss Cottage Action Group, and local residents for carrying on the fight for justice. And we should also be grateful to our excellent local newspapers for keeping us informed.
ELENA BONZANIGO Greencroft Gardens, NW6

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