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Someone should teach Sir Keir poker!

12 September, 2019

Sir Keir Starmer MP

• NOT for years have I disagreed so vehemently with one of your leader articles, in this case: Well played Sir Keir, Comment (September 5).

What he has done is to wreck the prime minister’s poker hand. Maybe this is deliberate; maybe not. What is certain is that by so doing, he has removed any possibility of the PM being blamed for failing to deliver what he promised. It’s Sir Keir’s fault.

The House of Commons made idiots of themselves with the second Gulf War. They tried to atone for their sins and, in effect, did the same again in 2013 with Bashar al Assad’s gas attack on his citizens.

And now, by not recognising that “no-deal” is not an intended destination but a deterrence threat, precisely as is our Trident nuclear submarine fleet, they have ruined Boris Johnson’s ability to get the deal he is working on.

Since the EU is scared of no-deal, as instanced by their setting up of a fund to help EU countries damaged by it, (see, his job was not as tricky as we thought. Now, the task is much harder.

The problem with MPs is that so often, they have little or no experience of business and business negotiations. They can’t see it.

Hilary Benn saw the argument clearly but dismissed it because Theresa May did not make it work. History may put this down to false logic; she failed because she could not negotiate her way out of a wet paper bag. I despair of these people.

The only interesting fact is that proportional representation, other than the version voted on in 2011, is very widely regarded as a better and fairer measure of opinion.

It should be noted that parliament is elected under first past the post and the EU referendum under, effectively, PR.

Someone should teach the shadow Brexit secretary how to play poker. It might rescue us from future foolishness.

Pandora Road, NW6


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