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Staying in is the best deal, give us a vote

29 November, 2018

• IT’S disappointing that our prime minister chose to sign the EU withdrawal agreement and political declaration with the EU.

I only hope democracy makes a come-back in the UK and parliament rejects this agreement and calls for us to have a people’s vote on whether or not to stay together, in solidarity, with our fellow citizens of Europe.

Such a divorce, if it happens, would harm the future careers of young people in Camden and lives and loves in all the areas of our borough from Highgate to Bloomsbury and from Kilburn to St Pancras and Somers Town.

Although not the most serious of all the negative impacts, I’m aware of how it stands to make our travels abroad difficult and expensive. The value of sterling against the euro has already plummeted, making our stays abroad pricey.

It’s also not clear if we would need a visa to travel to the continent. It all depends on whether reciprocal agreements can be achieved. After such a divorce, getting such reciprocity with our most popular sunshine destina­tions seems unlikely.

At the moment when we are in Europe we can use the minutes, texts and data on our mobile phone tariffs.

Unfortunately it looks like we would be heading back to the time when some people returned from their holidays to find phone bills of hundreds or thousands of pounds waiting for them. All this assumes we will be able to get to the continent easily.

Currently, all EU countries are able to access “open skies”, meaning airlines are free to travel between any two points in Europe.

In a post Brexit scenario, this would come to a stop as every route will be between the UK as a third country and an EU destination country making flying more difficult and expensive.

Fortunately, for us in the Camden, it’s not too far to the British south coast resorts such as Bognor Regis, Worthing and Eastbourne. Although the sunshine is not guaranteed we will be able to get to the seaside easily.

Alternatively, come on politicians, let us have a say with a people’s vote on this lousy deal with the EU which shows staying in the EU is the best deal on the table.

Pond Street, NW3


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