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Still too big to win the FA Cup, Jose?

OPINION: After mocking Arsenal for scrabbling around for a trophy at the end of the past few seasons, Jose Mourinho's Man United, like Chelsea, find themselves doing just that

22 March, 2018 — By Richard Osley

The FA Cup semi-finals will take place at Spurs’ temporary home, Wembley Stadium

CONGRATULATIONS to the mighty Spurs team of 2017/2018 who have somehow, against all odds, battled their way to the FA Cup semi-finals, defeating the fearsome AFC Wimbledon, Newport County, Rochdale and Swansea City to get there.

They should give them the medals and the freedom of Haringey right now after such heroics. Tee hee.

Although Tottenham have indeed had an embarrassingly simple journey to the final four, there have been some strange, alternative moans emanating from Manchester United. Namely, that Spurs will be playing at “home” for their match at Wembley, and somehow gain an unfair advantage.

What a weep that is. We all knew at the start of the season that Spurs were playing their home matches there. We all knew at the start of the season that the FA Cup semi-finals would be played at Wembley. We all knew, sort of, at the start of the season that Spurs would be in the semi-finals of the FA Cup. They usually are, although it would be mean to dwell on the fact they’ve lost SEVEN of them in their 27-year wait to win a trophy*.

We all knew this was how it was going to be, it’s a bit late to object now. The gripes from Jose Mourinho about home advantage, you feel, may simply be the process universally known as “getting your excuses in early” for United.

It’s hilarious, because after mocking Arsenal for scrabbling around at the end of the last few seasons in search of salvation through lifting the FA Cup, United, like Chelsea, find themselves doing just that.

We were told that these clubs were apparently too big to be fixated on the little ol’ FA Cup, a trophy etched with the name of Arsenal more than any other. Don’t remind Mourinho, but Louis van Gaal won it for United and was sacked virtually the next day. Now they are all desperate to win it, absolutely desperate.

Yes, Jose Mourinho, whose genius peels away every time Mo Salah scores for Liverpool and we remember Jose having sold him as an apparent dud at Chelsea (this thoughtful tactical brain also sold de Bruyne and Lukaku) has been left clinging to the FA Cup.

Such desperation serves as further evidence that there isn’t really a top six. There’s a top one, and five chasers merging into a pack of teams who play for the FA Cup.

*This column does not recognise the League Cup as a major trophy, and nor should Spurs fans if they are serious about being the world giants they claim to be transforming into. It’s 27 years.


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