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Stop the rot and stop HS2

14 August, 2020

The government must be brought under control, and an enquiry launched to stop HS2

• HOWEVER much people protest, somehow the developers, corporations, investors, always get their planning permission, and local protesters are inevitably gagged and ignored.

Take, for instance, unwanted developments in Somers Town, replacing a children’s playground, Centric Close, Camden, forcing people to be overlooked and overshadowed in their homes.

The Bull and Last pub in Highgate Road, with 24-hour opening for paying guests now to come and go in a quiet residential road, and its patrons able to keep a constant watch, from all floors, on residents in their own homes opposite!

As well as Parliament Hill and William Ellis schools with building works affecting children’s health, and the ludicrous proposed hotel, sited on the very busy corner of Delancey Street and Camden High Street, etc.

Of course, it’s known priority will always be given to big business and developers over ordinary citizens, however much they protest and however preposterous the plans.

In fact, there is now no democracy and the whole country is riddled with corruption and lawlessness starting at the very top.

Take the government’s flagrant and illegal non-compliance and disregard for environmental laws, which has been sharply brought into focus with unpredictable and extreme weather patterns, and a pandemic.

And the ridiculous “Build, build, build” mantra, which will be catastrophe for both humans and the natural world, and see the mass deforestation of England, and the destruction of animal habitats.

Every decent and honest MP and peer must come forward and disown the discredited HS2, and make a stand to stop the rot before, just like the pandemic, it becomes more widespread.

The government must be brought under control, and an enquiry launched to stop HS2, and the abuse of state power.

Sane, honest, just, and fair people must have a stake in their own destiny, for the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families.



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