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Stop these phone masts now

11 July, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• WE the Bridge House Recognised Tenants Association (BHRTA) echo the concerns voiced by Louis Loizou in his letter (Questions remain about the safety of phone masts, July 4) and are in complete agreement that the entire digital rooftops programme should be scrapped.

We have been campaigning for some time against the decision to erect a phone mast at our property. It’s a fact that children’s brains are more vulnerable to radiation and under the proposed scheme at our property several children will be sleeping directly underneath a phone mast.

This is so wrong! Additionally our roof has had historic problems with leaks which have been fixed only to leak again. That our roof is not fulfilling its primary purpose of providing shelter seems not to have been a priority when this contract was agreed.

Ahead of the proposed mast installation we discovered, by chance and to our horror, that fire exits to the roof had also been sealed down to stop anyone gaining access to the roof. These fire exits have been a feature of the building since it was built as police / fire brigade flats in the 1950s.

We have had to conclude that our safety and wellbeing as Camden residents is being sacrificed to generate revenue. We know that cladding was treated as safe until tragically it was proved not to be. Diesel was also considered safe for the environment until studies showed otherwise.

How much longer can the powers that be ignore the warnings over phone masts and knowingly court danger to residents’ wellbeing?

Bridge House, NW3


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