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Street decorations that look like Christmas lights are NOT Christmas lights after all

Readers asked why festive lights are still attached to lampposts in Camden Town

01 March, 2017 — By Richard Osley

Still giving us all a ‘bit of cheer’ in March: The decorations which went up in December

SPARKLY illuminations in Camden Town which went up at Christmas and look like Christmas lights… are NOT actually Christmas lights, confused residents were told this week.

Several readers had written into the New Journal to ask why Camden Council had forgotten to take down the lights strapped to lampposts in the roads around Camden Town Underground station, two months after twelfth night.

The confusion has been compounded for people looking up by the fact that the lights are still switched on in daylight hours.

We rang the Town Hall to find out what was going on, only to be told that they had been put up by NW1 business group Camden Town Unlimited – and not the council.

“They’re actually decorative lighting rather than festive ones,” said Simon Pitkeathley, chief executive of the group, whose work is funded by contributions from businesses in the area.

“We’ve left them up in the last few years as it helps to brighten the town centre, particularly during the earlier months of the year when we could all use of bit of cheer.”

The lights first appeared two weeks before Christmas, leaving many to assume that they had been installed in the absence of any other festive illuminations in Camden Town.

One reader said he had been trying to get an answer from the council without reply, writing: “It’s unlikely that I will receive a reply until mid-July, when it’s probably deemed that the Christmas lights should be turned on such is the ridiculous run up to Christmas that we

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